This FAQ is intended to answer your questions concerning the services of Index-My.Page

What are the services of Index-My Page

We offer two main services:

  • Get out of Google Sandbox filter 
  • Instant indexing

How to know if my site is filtered (in the Google SandBox)

A filtered website is visible with the command site: in the search on google.com (example site:twitter.com ). If your site displays between 4 to 7 results while you have published on your site much more content = you are filtered (see the screenshot below)

Google SERP on site:domain

How to know which plan I should choose

The plans are based on several factors. The “Starter Pack” plan is only valid for:
New domain names (Small affiliate sites (MFA), blogs, association sites, artistic sites, non-profit sites.)
If you are a company, and your domain name is making profit or is an expired domain the starter pack is not allowed. To know more about it go to the article : How to choose my “Index My Page” pack

What can be the SEO recommendations to follow

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a file to place at the root of your website. This allows our Bot to communicate with the API of the Search Console.
First we will make sure that your website respects the conditions for indexing in Google (meta robots tags, robots.txt file etc)
Then, we can ask you :

  • To unpublish almost all your articles and put them on hold
  • Create a temporary subdomain like “blog.domain.tld” or “media.domain.tld
  • To change the address of your site by this sub domain. (Please note, this is only a temporary step, the goal is to return to either the root domain or the www.)

In most cases, it will be much faster to give one of our consultants an administrator access to your WordPress site to perform some actions such as: adding plugins or other.

Are all websites eligible for get out of Google filter Sandbox?

We do our best to remove all websites from the Google SadBox. However, there are some forbidden themes like porn, drugs, and any site that incites hatred or does not respect the law.
In general, we reserve the right to refuse a website. If you have any doubt before placing an order, please make the request via the contact / support page, by sending us the url of your site and we will answer you within 48 hours.