Among the many platforms available for digital marketing, social networking sites are an ideal place for companies to plan their launch activities and get more audience to hear what you have to say.If this is news to you or if you don’t know how to handle this innovative method, here are five creative ways you can leverage this platform for a product launch.

Create a Facebook Teaser Campaign

To keep people anticipating, keep hinting at the fact that something exciting is on its way.You can code name your teaser campaign as something exciting and keep mentioning it time and again on your Facebook page. You can post images showing a glimpse of what you are working on or other random images that are relevant to your code name. This will keep people wondering what’s coming and they will be on the edge of their seats by the time you are ready to make the launch.

Create a Personal Video Message

Personal video message

Create a Personal Video Message

The real power of social media is connecting with people on a personal level.A good idea is to create your own video to discuss the need your product will be addressing and then share it on your social media platforms.You can easily put together a video in a short time, addressing how your new project will provide value to the people and then post it on your social media profiles to generate a buzz while getting yourmessage across.

Post Weekly Videos

Nothing creates more interest in products than knowing how they were made. Therefore, a weekly string of interesting “behind the scene” videos is definitely going to create anticipation. These videos can be easily created with a smartphone and are good enough to get your audience excited about what is coming.These videos also allow you to get feedback from your audience through comments. This will give you an idea of what their response would be when the product is launched.

Create a Special Founder’s List

A few people would take special interest in your products and would want to learn more and more about it. However, posting so many details about your products n social media can be irritating for others who are following you. For those who are keen on learning more, you can create a special founder’s list, creating a group to provide more insiders’ updates.

Give an Interview

Turning the tables for once and becoming a gust on your own platform can be a good idea to engage your audience. You can do that with the help of a guest host or a guest blogger, asking them to interview you about different matters, especially the product you are launching. However, select the interviewer carefully, someone who is related to your field of work, and has a good and friendly personality.

A confused message is what sends your audience running in the opposite direction. You should have all your social media platforms integrated so that a consistent message is sent out on all of them. Therefore, if you have a product in mind that you plan to launch, your social media profiles are the best place to market it and get the attention of a large audience without incurring huge costs.

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