A new age has arrived upon us; now our ads are not a one-sided conversation anymore. With the latest technology ads have become interactive as well. All we need for our basic tasks is just to say them out loud. Online advertising has already taken over the marketing world, but with IPAs it has the potential to grow even more. iPhone’s Siri originally started the IPA trend. As more and more people have started to use it for online searches and certain other tasks, Google and Amazon have now come up with devices dedicated to this technology.

Even though it hasn’t been long since people started using these products, you can easily find numerous reviews on YouTube and from the rest of the blogging communities. People are already engaged in debates over which one is better and listing down the pros and cons of each.it is safe to say that these products can change the marketing world shortly.

Uses of Alexa and Google Home

Before getting into how the marketing world will change, lets first talk about what these products are and what they can do. IPA or Intelligent Personal Assistants are another steps into the future.They are devices that have voice recognition ability and artificial intelligence and can use them to perform certain tasks. They are great for timers, reminders, and alarms and can also control smart devices, which means that they can let you control your television and lights just by sitting in one place. You download skills/actions online and use them as you please. The skills in Alexa and Actions in Google Home are equivalent to the Apps we have in our App/Play Store.

How will Marketing Change

Over the past year Amazon and Google have sold more than sold 27 million of these devices in the U.S. Marketers are running for opportunities to become a part of this change. The shopping feature on these devices is still in the development phase and not all areas have it. But it has the potential to change the marketing game drastically. With its order feature the business selected will most probably be the nearest ones around, unless something else has been specified by the user. It is possible that the marketing companies will shift from mass marketing to tight marketing. In other words, the ads would be based on areas and availability of those products in your area. For example, the nearest grocery store would have to have its own app on these products along worth an entire delivery process dedicated to it.

Local Businesses

Imagine if all you have to get grocery is talk out loud and it gets delivered to your doorstep. Now, you don’t have to imagine that, it happens. But we need to look at it through the eyes of a business. It can be especially great for local businesses. Let’s say, a local flower shop develops an action/skill for the IPA, and instantly they have reached a new market. It is a great way for small businesses to flourish. If we think about it, these devices may also be increasing a few job opportunities. From the staff that monitors the orders to the people who deliver them.

Device Development

It will also be a game changer for large industries. If people get more and more of IPAs, it only makes sense that their product development and marketing strategies will change accordingly.If we look at big companies, which produce refrigerators, televisions and other electrical appliances, they need to develop more smart devices to cater to this market. IPA’s can drastically change the world we live in now.

SEO Optimization:

It also makes SEO very important. As the search results that will be voiced out loud with these products would most probably be the ones on the top. SEO optimization is already a very vital part of any business’s social media marketing policy. It will be interesting to see how the marketing world evolves with this new technology.

If we think about it, IPA’s are not the first product that has employed the IPA technology. Apple did it first in 2011, by placing Siri in iPhone. According to statistics 65% American smartphone users search by voice control. It is estimated by 2020 almost 50 percent searches would be through voice.

It is safe to say that IPA’s and its apps also referred to as actions or skills, are still in the nascent stage. Looking at the response from the general public, we can estimate that the market will only grow over time. Businesses and marketers need to get on this bandwagon before it is too late. But with the growing tech-friendly culture, they might already be on it.